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Brig. Gen. Patrick Cobb: Space Force to Have Own National Guard Contingent on Congressional Approval

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Jeff Brody
Patrick Cobb

Brig. Gen. Patrick Cobb, special assistant to the chief of the National Guard Bureau for space, said the Department of Defense will form the Space National Guard if Congress decides to establish the Space Force through its defense policy measure for fiscal year 2020, Federal News Network reported Monday. 

“In the second year of existence we will start bringing National Guard units over to the Space National Guard,” Cobb told the publication in an interview. “We will bring the Air National Guard units over first and then a year after that the Army National Guard unit that we have here in Colorado. The Air Force Reserve would do the same thing and Army Reserve.”

Cobb said they plan to set up the new Space National Guard without adding cost to the defense budget and cited the need to establish the organization in tandem with the new service branch.

“If there is a software upgrade, but Space Force owns that software upgrade, and we are still sitting in the Air National Guard will we get that upgrade?” he said. There’s a lot of those unknowns out there if we aren’t concurrently transferred over with our active duty counterparts.”