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Air Force Seeks Participants for ‘Air Force Explore’ Tech Dev’t Effort

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Air Force is looking for technology development concepts to support its 2030 science and technology strategy. The service branch said Thursday that it will select participants from the government, industry and academic sectors who will receive awards worth up to $2 million as part of the Air Force Explore initiative.

According to the service, teams must address S&T priorities encompassing information sharing, persistent awareness and other areas for achieving combat dominance. Challenges may involve imagery-based vehicle tracking, personnel recovery equipment delivery and in-flight refueling and re-arming operations.

“Our goal is to establish partnerships that develop capability ideas and mature them into opportunity spaces for the Air Force,” said Reid Melville, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s lead for Air Force Explore program.

Interested parties may submit applications through Nov. 11 ahead of the service’s plans to release funding invitations by March 2020.