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Agencies See Need for New Skill Sets as Gov’t Leverages Data; Kris Rowley Quoted

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Jeff Brody

Some federal agencies are seeing changes in job functions and starting to recognize the need for its workforce to acquire new skill sets as the government advances the use of data to support missions, Federal Times reported Monday. 

Kris Rowley, chief data officer at the General Services Administration, said sharing data analysis on a common platform by GSA’s data professionals is a “good disruptive mentality,” which could cause agencies to reassess the role of managers and need for data literacy among staff.

“What we really need them to do now is look at what are the types of algorithms and methodologies being applied to this data … what types of prediction is it showing, and with your years of experience, is there anything missing from this type of analysis and recommendation? This is a different work stream for the manager level and we’re starting to see this evolve now,” he said Monday at the Professional Services Council Tech Trends conference.

Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, discussed the need for training and reskilling programs to advance the government’s digital modernization effort.