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Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Comments on NASA Artemis Program

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Jeff Brody

The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel provided complements and warnings on NASA’s Artemis mission that intends to send astronauts to the moon again, Space News reported Friday. ASAP regarded the space agency for recent efforts to implement programmatic aspects and sign contracts with companies for the lunar Gateway’s development.

However, members from the panel also provided warnings concerning the Artemis program’s technical complexity and leadership. Sandra Magnus, an ASAP member who also formerly served as an astronaut, said the complex integration of multiple elements would require vigilance and constant communication for proper risk management.

Patricia Sanders, who chairs ASAP, spoke about the lack of a permanent official who oversees human spaceflight programs such as Artemis, following Bill Gerstenmaier’s reassignment a couple of months ago. “Having positive confirmation of the specific direction from a permanent leader is imperative,” Sanders said.