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ACT-IAC CEO David Wennergren on Cloud Smart Policy

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David Wennergren

David Wennergren, CEO of the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council, wrote in an FCW commentary piece published Monday that the Office of Management and Budget’s Cloud Smart policy touches on several ideas and one is its emphasis on application rationalization.

“The term of art is ‘application rationalization’ — recognizing that while every legacy application doesn’t need to be tossed out, without a focused plan to address all of these systems, agencies will still have IT budgets skewed to sustaining the old rather than implementing the new,” he wrote.

He mentioned the opportunity to purchase “applications as a service” and how it could help agencies in their performance optimization and cost management operations.

Wennergren discussed the policy’s focus on cybersecurity and data layer security. He cited how zero trust networks could help agencies transition to risk management from risk aversion and advance the implementation of commercial best practices.

He said the policy also provides insights on the workforce and acquisition. “Just as cybersecurity efforts are adopting a risk-based approach, our acquisition efforts must similarly move away from approaches that are imagined to minimize risk but that in reality stifle innovation and speed to market,” he noted.