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VA Inspector General Reviews Electronic Scheduling System Implementation

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Jeff Brody

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of the Inspector General released the results of an audit seeking to validate the Veterans Health Administration and the Office of Information Technology’s Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture Scheduling Enhancement effort. The audit confirmed the management team did not oversee the project to enable precise development of updates and help the system meet user standards, VA OIG said Tuesday.

OIG confirmed delays in the fielding of an updated version for VSE in 2017 and validated that VA placed a medical appointment scheduling system’s deployment on hold. OIG advised the agency’s assistant secretary for information and technology and chief information officer to strictly implement project management processes to help VA define planning requirements prior to project execution

VA’s OIT plans to introduce a program management review process to track the delivery and sustainment of project results. Additionally, the agency is slated to adopt a scheduling capability as part of modernization efforts for VistA.