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Report: Cyber Attacks to Federal Systems Decreased by 12 Percent in FY 2018

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Jeff Brody

The Office of Management and Budget has found that cybersecurity breaches faced by federal agencies dropped 12 percent from 35,000 to 31,000 in fiscal year 2018, Fifth Domain reported Saturday.

The FISMA FY 2018 Annual Report to Congress states that almost 7,000 of the cyber attacks resulted from phishing scams and that 9,600 cases were classified under “improper usage” or “any incident resulting from violation of an organization’s acceptable usage policies by an authorized user.” OMB noted that the federal government is facing common shortfalls including inconsistent patch management as well as lack of data protection, network segmentation, authentication procedures and constant monitoring.

In addition, the report found that agencies couldn’t determine the causes of 27 percent of the cyber attacks. In fiscal 2018, the federal government funneled almost $15 billion for cybersecurity efforts. The Department of Defense accounted for more than half of the reported amount.