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NSA, Pennsylvania State University Establish Online Course on Cyber Policy

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Jeff Brody

The National Security Agency partnered with Pennsylvania State University professors to create an online course on law and policies for cyber activities. PSU said Friday that the “Principles of Cyber Law and Policy” course is comprised of four modules with 30 lesson units that span topics such as domestic law, national security and cyber technology. 

The course is designed to educate students, employees, academic representatives, business professionals and national security experts on topics such as cyber governance, national court systems and U.S. government sructure. The program, supported by the National Initiatives in CyberSecurity Education partnership, went live this summer at NSA’s Clark Center.

“Combining the expertise of domestic cyber law and national security professors gave the curriculum greater depth,” said James Houck, director of the PSU Center for Security Research and Education and one of the professors that created the course.

Other professors that helped establish the program include Anne Toomey McKenna, professor of practice for PSU’s Institute for CyberScience, and Scott Sigmund Gartner, director of the university’s School of International Affairs.