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NIST Seeks Tools, Insight to Support Telehealth Cybersecurity Effort

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Jeff Brody

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is looking for products and technical insight to support the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence’s efforts to mitigate vulnerabilities in telehealth remote patient monitoring.

According to a recently released notice, NIST intends to accelerate the dissemination of tools for protecting information technology systems and promote trust in U.S. data, storage and communications platforms while encouraging the development of cybersecurity tools and services that may lead to more job opportunities.

“This notice is the initial step for the NCCoE in collaborating with technology companies to address cybersecurity challenges identified under the healthcare sector program,” NIST noted.

RPM technology components include telehealth communications platforms, software development kits, home monitoring devices and patient monitoring tools that transmit information such as blood pressure and heart rate data. NCCoE is an NIST component comprised of industry, government and academic entities to develop cybersecurity practices to address real-world issues.