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Marshals Service Seeks Support for Agile, DevOps Implementation

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Marshals Service is implementing Agile and DevOps methodologies to address its system modernization objectives, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

Karl Mathias, chief information officer of USMS, told the publication that the agency intends to deploy automated technologies as part of its DevOps implementation to speed up procedures and rapidly deliver capabilities to end users. He added that USMS wants to adopt a risk-based approach throughout the authority to operate process for large system modernization projects.

“We are taking slow steps on that and we are still working out the exact way we want to do it,” Mathias noted. “We actually will be looking for vendor help along the way. We want to let them tell us what is the best way to approach this.”

USMS spent over 80 percent of its information technology funding on legacy systems and is facing backlog issues on application development and fielding.