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Gen. Joseph Martin on Army Futures Command, Military Readiness

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Jeff Brody
Joseph Martin

Gen. Joseph Martin, vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, told Defense News in an interview published Monday that he believes the service branch is on the right path when it comes to building up military readiness.

“And because we’ve had consistent funding over time, we’ve been able to continue to execute our training strategy, which, again, includes home-station training, capstone exercises at combat training centers, maintaining proficiency so that we can meet combatant commanders’ needs,” Martin said. “We need to continue along that line so that we can maintain the readiness that we have achieved and increase the readiness ratio we’ve achieved in our various formations in the Army.”

Army Futures Command reached the full operational capability status in July and Martin said he is committed to helping Gen. Mike Murray, AFC commander, advance modernization efforts and accelerate the deployment of technology capabilities to warfighters. Martin also discussed the Synthetic Training Environment and two-year budget deal passed by Congress.