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DIA’s Jean Schaffer on Raising Intel Community Intranet’s Security Posture

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Jean Schaffer

Jean Schaffer, chief of cyber and enterprise operations at the Defense Intelligence Agency, said DIA should consider cybersecurity as it modernizes the intelligence community’s intranet used for transmitting top-secret data, Fifth Domain reported Wednesday.

The Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System “is already hardened because primarily it is a top-secret SCI network, so it is hardened that way to start. But we really need to raise the security posture,” Schaffer said Tuesday at the annual DoDIIS conference in Tampa, Fla.

“What we’re doing here at DIA is just trying to make cybersecurity part of our normal business rhythm,” Schaffer added. Schaffer also noted that the agency is focusing on migrating from a network protection model to a data protection model. “Focusing on that data means that we really are going to have to understand and clearly define on and off ramps for JWICS,” she continued.