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CISA Report Identifies Security Risks Associated With 5G Adoption

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Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued a report about the potential risks posed by 5G mobile network adoption to U.S. supply chains, network security and trusted options. CISA said in the report, published Wednesday, that the use of 5G components produced by unreliable firms could expose U.S. companies to malicious software and other vulnerabilities.

“5G will use more components than previous generations of wireless networks, and the proliferation of 5G infrastructure may provide malicious actors more attack vectors,” according to the report.

CISA called on the U.S. government to advance the development of trusted 5G technologies, ensure robust security capabilities for 5G services and applications, promote international standards and processes and work with the private sector on risk mitigation efforts in order to manage vulnerabilities and build up the security of communication networks amid 5G adoption.