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Bill Zielinski: GSA ‘Actively Working’ on Establishing 5G Spectrum

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Jeff Brody

Bill Zielinski, acting assistant commissioner of General Services Administrations’ office of information technology category, wrote in a blog post published Tuesday that the government is “actively working” to reallocate spectrum for 5G communications. Zielinski cited applications for 5G technology including traffic management, power grid monitoring, augmented and virtual reality, automated logistics and other telecommunications operations.

“Mobile devices will spend less time processing data, which will consume less power, and result in extended battery life. But these are little advances compared to what is possible,” he noted.

Previously, the National Institute of Science and Technology and Department of Homeland Security launched efforts to establish regulations and identify threats related to 5G. GSA will hold a 5G Technology Customer Event on Oct. 3 to discuss concepts that advanced communications can support such as edge computing and network slicing.