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Army Futures Command to Replace Common Access Card With New Tech

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Jeff Brody

Army Futures Command is working to develop wearable technologies that would facilitate identity authentication for soldiers. AFC seeks to develop small tools for simplified identity-based authorization and access to networks, operating systems, weapon systems and various soldier-used devices, the U.S. Army said Tuesday.

The rugged, wireless, lightweight devices would be small enough to fit in pockets. Users would enter password codes or biometrics into systems for access once the token-like devices have been detected. Soldiers will automatically log out upon exiting the linked system’s range.

The effort aims to replace the common access card that soldiers have been using since 2001. The newer tools would allow soldiers to access systems or controls on the battlefield. AFC’s Combat Capabilities Development Command leads research and development activities under the effort. The Army intends to field the device by fiscal year 2022.