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Report: Finite State Stands By Findings of Cyber Flaws in Huawei Gear

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Jeff Brody

Huawei Technologies has expressed disagreement with the results of a study conducted by Columbus, Ohio-based cybersecurity firm Finite State, which found that the Chinese company’s gear is more likely to contain defects than products from rival firms, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

“Due to the approach Finite State has taken and the weakness of their tools and methodology, the results are at best suspect and at worst just inaccurate,” according to Huawei’s product security incident response team. “This could have been avoided by collaborating rather than taking a political stance on security.”

Finite State issued in June the results of a study, which found that more than half of approximately 10K firmware images encoded in over 500 variants of Huawei-built network devices contained at least one vulnerability that could be exploited by potential adversaries. The cyber firm compared Huawei’s gear with equipment from Juniper Networks and Arista Networks.

“We stand by our report,” said Finite State CEO Matt Wyckhouse. “Our position is still that Huawei’s vulnerabilities are extensive, they are real, and they are pervasive across their product line.”