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OMB Directs Phase One Implementation of Evidence Act

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Jeff Brody

The Office of Management and Budget released a memo on Wednesday calling on agencies to implement phase one of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018. OMB urges agencies to deploy a four-step approach to implementing the Evidence Act which “mandates a systematic rethinking of government data management to better facilitate access for evidence-building activities and public consumption.”

As part of the four-step plan, agencies must be able to regularly develop learning agendas, promote open data access and management, foster access to such data for statistical applications and conduct program evaluations to meet the Evidence Act’s requirements for ongoing and iterative guidance efforts.

Implementing such practices will enable agencies to transition away from low-value activities and better manage programs while fostering engagement and transparency, according to OMB. The Evidence Act was signed into law on January 14 of this year.