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Navy to Proceed With LCS Mission Module Developmental Tests

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Navy will commence developmental trials of littoral combat ship mission modules following structural, surface-to-surface test fires from an Independence-variant LCS.

The Navy said Thursday it test-fired surface-to-surface missile modules of an Independence-variant vessel June 11 at Point Mugu Sea Range. The test follows an earlier demonstration of these modules on a Freedom-variant LCS.

The modules use vertically-launched Longbow Hellfire missiles to attack small target boats, allowing for boosted range.

“This structural test firing marks the first critical step in demonstrating the SSMM capability on the LCS Independence variant,” said Capt. Godfrey Weekes, LCS mission modules program manager.

The structural test firing supports the ship’s preparation for live-fire exercises that will commence later this summer.