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Industry Group Urging Gov’t to Launch Efforts in Identity Mgmt Tech

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Jeff Brody

Industry senior leaders recommend government entities promote the use of next-generation identity, credential and access management capabilities instead of traditional password-based authenticators, Fedscoop reported Thursday. Matt Lira, special assistant to the president at the White House Office of American Innovation, told audiences at a Business Roundtable event in Washintgon, D.C. that the government has “a major role to play” in rolling out advanced ICAM technologies to modernize digital identity procedures.

Recently, the industry group of executives released a white paper calling on the government to implement technologies such as biometric sensors and mobile-based tools and transition away from knowledge-based authenticators like social security numbers.

The white paper also recommends removing government barriers to implement new technologies, foster public-private partnerships on digital identity tech development, expand users’ control of data to enhance privacy and invest in related education programs.