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DSO Director Gregory Wagner Seeks Boosted Collaboration With Partners

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Jeff Brody

Gregory Wagner, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Defense Spectrum Organization, laid out his intent to collaborate with mission partners for DSO to attain center of excellence status.

He asked partners to provide constructive input that would help DSO perform better in missions regarding the electromagnetic spectrum, DISA said Tuesday.

“Tell me what I should be doing to address your concerns and what I should be focusing on to help you,” he said.

Wagner also seeks to work with DISA’s Emerging Technologies Directorate, a newly created group that focuses on innovation.

The DSO director also laid out spectrum-related issues such as foreign threats with the capacity to distort the country’s spectrum access.

He also highlighted DSO’s relationship with other defense organizations in support of DoD spectrum efforts.

“We can deliver next-generation capabilities using agile processes that allow us to learn what works and what doesn’t,” he said.

Electromagnetic spectrum is a finite source that allows the military to communicate and transmit signals.