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DHS S&T, FEMA, DOE Launching Radiological Dispersal Device Detonation Response Training Efforts

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Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Energy to provide wider access to an emergency response guidebook for “dirty bomb” detonation events.

DHS said Tuesday that S&T’s National Urban Security Technology Laboratory, FEMA and DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration will work to make the “Radiological Dispersal Device Response Guidance Planning for the First 100 Minutes” guidebook available to more first responders through a range of current and upcoming training programs.

NUSTL collaborated with DOE national laboratories to animate scenarios detailed in the guidebook. The lab is slated to help launch a train-the-planner course for local community responders through a mobile FEMA course catalog by 2021. The guide, published in 2017, contains findings from DOE laboratories’ research efforts as well as scientific recommendations and direct input from first responders.