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Army Picks Lowcountry Region for Third ‘Jack Voltaic’ Cybersecurity Exercise

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Jeff Brody

The Army Cyber Institute is preparing for the Defender 2020 exercise along with its Jack Voltaic series aimed at training local communities in the event of a major cyber attack, Fifth Domain reported Wednesday. Jack Voltaic 3.0 will cover the Lowcountry region around South Carolina and occur along with Defender 2020 activities which involve simulated deployments of Army equipment to Europe.

“You’re looking at what the attack could be on the city’s infrastructure to delay the arrival of the U.S. forces, because by delaying them a couple of days you’d be able to turn the tide on some activity you were trying to do within Europe,” said Col. Andrew Hall, director of ACI.

Lt. Col. Douglas Fletcher, lead planner for the Jack Voltaic exercise, noted that partnerships with industry will help the Army access critical infrastructure and gain insight on how to better defend against major cyber threats.

Jack Voltaic 3.0 is slated to commence in February 2020.