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Rep. Will Hurd Presents Bipartisan Bill for IoT Security

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Rep. Will Hurd

Rep. Will Hurd, a 2019 Wash100 awardee, unveiled a bipartisan legislation to create minimum requirements on Internet of Things devices used by the government. The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019 will require government-purchased devices to meet security standards to maintain the privacy of government networks and personal data from hackers, the office of Will Hurd said Wednesday.

Additionally, the bill will task the Office of Management and Budget and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to establish the requirements on IoT tools.

“Internet of Things devices will improve and enhance nearly every aspect of our society, economy and everyday lives – and are growing rapidly. We must act now to ensure these devices are built with security in mind, not as an afterthought,” said Hurd.