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NAVSEA Unveils Roadmap for Navy Energy Systems Dev’t Efforts

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Jeff Brody

Naval Sea Systems Command published its energy systems development roadmap, detailing efforts to help the U.S. Navy meet future sensor systems and weapon power requirements. The roadmap, referred to as the Naval Power and Energy Systems Technology Development Roadmap, aligned warfighter requirements with the creation of energy and electrical power systems to help augment maritime warfare capacities, the Navy said Thursday. 

The framework has also presented key priorities to assist the service branch in deploying future technologies and investing on research and development efforts for power and energy platforms.

“As new technologies evolve, it’s imperative we lead the innovation of power and energy architecture necessary for tomorrow’s sensors and weapons and deliver the Chief of Naval Operations’ mandate of as much power as we can afford to the warfighter,” said Stephen Markle, director of Electrip Ships Office at the Navy.