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Five Agencies Show Progress in Eighth FITARA Scorecard

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Jeff Brody

The eighth iteration of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard shows that five agencies saw improvement in their letter grades.

The agencies showing progress in their letter grades are the departments of Defense, Agriculture, Justice and Treasury and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Eleven federal agencies maintained their scores, while five agencies showed a drop in their letter grades. Nextgov reported that agencies have made headway in taking part in PortfolioStat reviews and reporting their IT investments to the Office of Management and Budget’s dashboard.

Carol Harris, director of IT and cybersecurity team at the Government Accountability Office, said the decline in most agencies’ scores could be attributed to an update to the incremental development metric and the addition of the cybersecurity metric to the scorecard.

The cyber reporting metric’s inclusion in the scorecard “had a generally negative effect, as there were 12 agencies with either a D or an F,” Harris told the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s government operations subpanel Wednesday. She also noted that 10 agencies saw their grades drop due to the incremental development metric.