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DARPA to Host Second Electronics Resurgence Workshop Summit

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Jeff Brody

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invites members of the electronics community to take part in an upcoming workshop event on microelectronics. The 2019 Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit will take place in Detroit, Mich., from July 15 to 17, DARPA said Friday. This would mark the ERI Summit’s second consecutive iteration.

The event will feature 11 workshops aimed at defining emerging research areas and distributing information on DARPA work and technologies. Workshops are divided into three groups: ongoing efforts, emerging concepts and enhancing collaboration.

Additionally, leaders from industry and government will conduct discussions on domestic semiconductor technologies and electronic applications. “Continued collaboration across industry, defense and academia is critical to creating the next wave of microelectronics innovation,” said Mark Rosker, director of DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office.