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Air Force Launches Command Health Evaluation Tech in the Cloud

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Jeff Brody

The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center has deployed a metrics-based framework to distribute command information in the cloud. The Installation Health Assessment platform works to evaluate the condition of different installation and mission support areas from different commands, the U.S. Air Force said Thursday.

USAF noted that the technology was initially developed to validate potential effects from infrastructure budget shortages on over 54,000 facilities and has been updated to accommodate nine additional areas including combat support and base communications.

“The IHA provides us a tool to not only consolidate all civil engineering data into a single, analysis platform but also visually communicate the highest mission needs against facility conditions.” said Col. John Schuliger, commander of 96th Civil Engineer Group at the Eglin Air Force Base.

AFIMSC intends to update the system with additional features and analytic functions regularly and is accepting suggestions in line with the platform.