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OIG Discovers Management Concerns in GSA, Lists Recommendations

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Jeff Brody

The General Services Administration’s Office of Inspector General provided six recommendations addressing the agency’s management concerns for fiscal year 2019. OIG said in an audit report that GSA should create a control to validate upcoming termination rights for leases, implement a timely execution method and quantify potential losses in line to vacant spaces.

Additionally, the office recommended GSA establish a control to pass through recoveries, reimburse tenant agencies for overpayments and collaborate with the office of the chief financial officer to rectify accounting inaccuracies. OIG found that GSA is facing concerns in reporting contract modification metrics, meeting customer requirements, loss of veteran expertise and legislation that restricts money spending.

The findings also stated that GSA’s environment may face potential cyberattacks. On a separate audit, OIG recommends that the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program’s program management office needs to develop a reinforced mission structure to meet its mission objectives.