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Hanscom AFB Teams Build New Tools to Improve F-35 Maintenance

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Jeff Brody

Software developers from Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts traveled to Nellis AFB in Nevada to introduce new apps to help airmen speed up maintenance of the service’s new F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Maintainers at Nellis AFB explored the new Autonomous Logistics Information System that tracks scheduled and unscheduled maintenance issues on specific aircraft and an entire fleet, the Air Force said Tuesday. 

“We’re here to deliver software our Airmen love and help them spend the most amount of time on the flight line, physically fixing the aircraft,” said Lt. Col. Aaron Capizzi, head of Mad Hatter program at Hanscom AFB. “We want to provide applications that enable our maintainers to keep the aircraft they have mission-capable.”

The Mad Hatter team is working with Lockheed Martin to develop ALIS. The company provides the Air Force with access to source codes necessary to understand “self-diagnosed” issues provided by systems on the F-35 aircraft. 

Aside from ALIS, Hanscom developers also introduced two other applications, called Kronos and Titan, to Nellis AFB. Kronos is an interactive scheduler to develop short and long-term plans for flight line maintenance, while Titan helps track an aircraft’s health and readiness status.