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Greg Griffin: DISA Needs to Synchronize Operations

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Jeff Brody

Col. Greg Griffin, chief of defensive cyber operations at the Defense Information System Agency, said the agency’s interactions has to be synchronized to address immediate concerns. Griffin explained during AFCEA’s TechNet Cyber 2019 event that the agency has to align all its organizations and carry out cyber defenses in order to fill gaps, DISA said Monday.

“From the different theaters, such as DISA Pacific Field Command, DISA Global Operations Command, DISA Europe Field Command, and other DISA entities, executing cyber defense and synchronizing all those organizations together has been a challenge, and that’s the mission of the team I lead,” added Griffin.

Lt. Col. Jim Lacovara, operations chief of DCO at DISA, noted that the agency records 800 million events, 300 million cyberattacks and 10 million alarm notifications. He added that DISA needs to adopt an agile approach to repel evolving cyber adversaries.

“It’s clear to say humans can’t keep up with this type of scale. Not only do we need tools to [help identify the possible threats], we need tools to actually do some of the work for us, otherwise some of that work is sort of falling on the floor,” said Lacovara.