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DOE Introduces $79M Bioenergy R&D Funding Opportunity

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The Department of Energy plans to award $79 million in grants to support research and development efforts for bioenergy sources. DOE said Friday that the department aims to use the funding opportunity to provide consumers low-cost and efficient domestic energy options including bioproducts and biofuels. Some of the topics under the funding program include the optimization of biomass-derived jet fuel mixtures, rapid bioprocessing and the reduction of water and energy emissions. 

“At DOE, we are focused on expanding America’s energy supply, growing the economy, and enhancing energy security, which will all be furthered by the significant advancements made in bioenergy technologies,” said Mark Menezes, undersecretary at DOE.

The opportunity also supports the White House’s Water Security Grand Challenge, a program intended to address worldwide needs for secure and safe water.