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DIA Works on New Tool to Help Military Utilize Big Data

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Jeff Brody

The Defense Intelligence Agency is developing a new data analytics tool to help federal analysts and planners better collect and analyze big data for intelligence and understand operations of adversaries. The Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System utilizes cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to modernize existing military databases, DIA said Thursday. 

“With data proliferating at the speed of light, DIA must build a system capable of ingesting and managing large volumes of it, and making it available to both humans and machines,” the agency said. “A more granular understanding of complex global events and a corresponding decision advantage are keys to the nation’s continued success.”

MARS intends to provide a multidimensional and flexible data environment where the service members can access vast data, counteract adversaries’ plans and address potential risks. MARS is also designed to create simulation of threats based to help the military predict potential effects of threats.