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CIA Unveils ‘Onion Site’ to Protect User Anonymity

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The CIA launched an “onion site” on the Tor network designed to strengthen online security by allowing users to browse the agency’s website anonymously. “Our global mission demands that individuals can access us securely from anywhere. Creating an onion site is just one of many ways we’re going where people are,” Brittany Bramell, CIA’s director of public affairs, said in a statement published Tuesday. 

Wired reported that the agency’s Tor onion service works to protect the user’s IP address and browsing activity by bouncing encrypted internet traffic through several chains of devices to make that traffic untraceable. The agency said users need to download and install the Tor browser before they can navigate the website using the given onion address.

The World Factbook, job listings and other information that can be seen on the CIA’s website are available on the onion site.