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Nuclear Command Center Reaches Initial Operability

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The Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Enterprise Center received initial operability status from the U.S. Strategic Command on April 3. The facility serves to restructure decision making, situation oversight, planning, force direction and management for nuclear command functions, STRATCOM said Wednesday.

Elizabeth Durham-Ruiz, NC3 Enterprise Center director for STRATCOM, said the designation is part of the command’s plans to provide reinforced NC3 capacities within the 21st century.

“The center was created to help break down stovepipes in NC3 operations across the Defense Department,” she said. “We want to bring a whole-of-government approach to NC3 as we focus on operations, requirements, systems engineering and integration and analytics for the entire enterprise.”

The Department of Defense instructed the command to enact the NC3 Governance Improvement Implementation Plan, an initiative that creates program roles, provides direction to government partners and establishes the foundation for the center.