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Federal CISO Calls for Scalable Approach to Secure Supply Chain

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Grant Schneider, federal chief information security officer, said the government should expand its approach for providing security to the federal supply chain to stay ahead of the latest threats, Nextgov reported Thursday.

The government implements government-wide restrictions to secure networks and contractors. Russian firm Kaspersky Lab and Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei were previously banned from selling products in the U.S. government due to alleged ties to foreign spies. However, Schneider said preventing technologies from entering the government is not enough.  

“In my mind, they’re really whack-a-mole solutions to a challenge that we need a far more systemic approach to,” he said at the McAfee Security Through Innovation Summit.

The federal CISO suggests incentivizing cybersecurity in the marketplace and encouraging agencies, companies and individuals not to buy the cheapest products and services to assure security. Schneider serves as the head of a newly-established federal council that monitors threats to the government supply chain.