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Energy Department Launches Research Initiative to Support Hydropower

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The Department of Energy is investing $26.1M in to develop marine and hydrokinetics technologies that would help the country continue leveraging hydropower. Officials said Monday that the department’s water power technologies office will identify projects that reduce the cost and boost the flexibility of hydropower and marine energy.

The research investment effort will consist of four study areas. The first area aims to boost the flexibility of hydropower technologies and address constraining factors while the second will leverage the potential of low head hydropower and in-stream hydrokinetic systems.

The third area is intended to design, develop and prepare wave energy converters for open-water tests, and the final area will modernize the research infrastructure of national marine renewable energy centers.

“This opportunity is critical to advancing new water technologies that harness energy from our nation’s rivers and oceans,” said Daniel Simmons, assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy.