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DLA Planning Deployment of Automated Bots for Routine Work

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The Defense Logistics Agency is planning to deploy at least 75 platforms that run on robotic process automation to help personnel in menial tasks by the end of September, Federal News Network reported Friday. John Lockwood, RPA manager for the DLA, said at a recent Carahsoft and UiPath event that the agency has around 20 bots in operation and 30 more in production.

The bots are currently run by human operators on a secured network through a common access card. DLA plans to develop “unattended bots” that have the capacity for 24/7 operation and access to CAC-restrictive sites. Lockwood noted that the agency aims to coordinate with customers every week and deliver the bots every two weeks.

“It’s a production run, it’s a factory line, and it’s a different way of thinking,” he said.