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Charles Rettig: IRS Needs $2.7B in Funds Over Six Years to Back IT Modernization Plan

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Charles Rettig, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, said the agency needs $2.3 to $2.7 billion in additional funds over the next six years to execute its information technology modernization plan, FCW reported Thursday. He told the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday the funds would help the IRS comply with the 2017 tax reform bill, Affordable Care Act and other laws that demand IT transformation.

“It’s difficult to continually patch,” he said at the Senate panel hearing. “At some point you need to replace, and we’re definitely at that point.” 

Rettig noted the IRS encounters approximately 1.2 billion cyber attacks each year and intends to use a portion of the proposed IT modernization budget to carry out its Data Encryption at Rest program to support network monitoring operations.