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Autonomous Solutions Conducts Edwards Air Force Base Facility Survey

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Autonomous Solutions performed a two-day site survey to secure information in line with their performance of automated efforts at the Precision Impact Range Area in Edwards Air Force Base. John Streets, a member of the 412th Range Squadron, said in a statement published Tuesday that the company will develop a technology to push automated vehicles to carry out convoy operations on target acquisition tests.

Streets added that the firm plotted the area’s pathways and validated key locations for the installation of a mesh radio network with the use of the Vehicle Automation Kit, a tool that works to control a platform’s gear selector and steering wheel via actuator boxes.

“Our vision is to take the man out of the loop; get the operators out of the driver’s seat and automate that technology to use the manpower in other ways,” Streets said.

In addition, Streets noted that the company will deliver prototype applications to help the PIRA team familiarize with the technology.