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Air Force Developing Platform for AI Software Tools

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The U.S. Air Force is developing a platform that enables government and private sector information technology teams to access software tools certified for and compatible with Department of Defense networks, FCW reported Monday. 

The Air Force Cognitive Engine is intended to be a “software ecosystem” of algorithms, data, personnel and computational resources necessary for developing artificial intelligence technology, according to Maj. Michael Seal, director of the Air Force’s autonomy capability team 3. Seal noted that the military branch seeks to promote the sharing of code-based tools across industry and in-house IT teams. 

“If you find your preferred AI business, their team has a toolbox they prefer to work with that can’t get through the door to our network system because most of it hasn’t been approved or cleared for our activities,” he added.

The recently created Joint AI Center will work on addressing ACE’s predictive maintenance issues over the next six months ahead of the platform’s scheduled release in summer 2020.