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Army Seeks Night-Vision Tech Improvements

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The Department of Defense has placed priority on the development of close-combat lethality, with night-vision technology as a key element, National Defense Magazine reported Friday.

The U.S. Army seeks new technology that would boost soldiers’ field of view and depth perception in close combat scenarios, and allow for quick, easy use, the report noted.

Billy Fabian, senior research fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, said that weight becomes an issue as troops carry more equipment including night-vision goggles.

He said that a new wave of night-vision technology would address this problem.

The Army’s Georgia-based soldier lethality cross-functional team is working to develop new night vision technology, with Col. Travis Thompson serving as the corresponding chief of staff.

“With an increase in situational awareness, you may not have to call in on the radio to identify where friendly units are,” he said.

Meanwhile, L3 Technologies is working to make and deliver a new night-vision binocular to the Army under a $391M contract awarded in June 2018.