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Dana Deasy Talks Cyber, Cloud Efforts for DoD’s Digital Modernization Strategy

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Dana Deasy, chief information officer at the Defense Department, has said measurable goals are necessary as DoD implements its digital modernization efforts, Signal magazine reported Monday.

“You’ve got to measure the things you want to get done,” Deasy said.

“For me, that’s really driving everything around the four initiatives—cloud, artificial intelligence, the communications agenda and the cyber agenda.”

Deasy said cyber should be the “first and foremost” when it comes to discussions over the digital modernization strategy and cybersecurity should extend to the defense industrial base.
He discussed the importance of having an enterprise-level cloud through the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure program.

“What JEDI is simply helping us to do is to find a partner to help us learn to build clouds at enterprise scale, learn how to secure them the right way, learn how to use the tools, learn how to build applications from a cloud mindset,” he noted.

Deasy also mentioned his action plans for the joint AI center this year, such as kicking off staff recruitment efforts and development of national mission programs.

“We’ll be in a position to start up after the first of the year, and then 2019 will be a year when we’ll start to develop these tools,” he added.