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Pentagon Launches New Cyber Strategy

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The Defense Department has released a new strategy that lays out its action plans to counter cybersecurity threats posed by Russia, China and other strategic competitors.

A summary of DoD’s cyber strategy issued Tuesday states DoD’s cyber space goals such as the need to build up the joint force’s capability to carry out cyber operations that enhance the country’s military advantage; defend U.S. critical infrastructure from malicious threats; and secure the Pentagon’s information systems from cyber vulnerabilities.

The department outlined the components of its strategic approach and those include efforts to establish a more lethal force; expand partnerships and alliances; reform DoD; cultivate talent; and deter and compete in cyber space.

DoD plans to advance innovation, leverage data analytics, automation and commercial off-the-shelf platforms as well as expedite development of cyber capabilities to build up the lethality of the joint force.

The agency intends to integrate cyber awareness into its institutional culture, boost cyber accountability and expand crowdsourced threat detection as part of reform efforts.

The strategic approach also cites DoD’s plans to set up a cyber talent management initiative; establish a career pathway for software developers, hardware engineers and data analysts; and sustain a cyber workforce.