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La’Naia Jones: Intelligence Community Aims to Advance AI With New Strategy for IT Enterprise Program

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La’Naia Jones, deputy chief information officer at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, has said the intelligence community has implemented a new strategy for the second iteration of the IC Information Technology Enterprise program to facilitate use of artificial intelligence, reduce duplication and adjust to agency requirements, MeriTalk reported Tuesday.

Jones said Tuesday at the Professional Services Council Tech Trends conference that her office has transitioned from the development of a common desktop experience toward the “federated approach with reference architectures” driven by the need for security, interoperability and mobility.

“Essentially, it’s a group of documents, recommendations and ways of providing the architecture and design that the agencies must stay within in order to stay compliant, but they do have some flexibility to leverage the technologies that make sense for them,” she said of reference architectures.

Jones also cited examples of how the Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines program helps IC agencies advance the use of AI and machine learning technologies, including the National Reconnaissance Office’s use of AIM platforms to automate analysis.