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DOE Invests $80M in Transportation R&D

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The Department of Energy has invested $80M in 42 projects that will support studies on advanced vehicle technologies for the U.S. transportation system.

The department said Wednesday investing in modern transportation systems will help provide low-cost mobility options, boost domestic energy security and U.S. economic growth and reduce dependence on imported critical materials.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry commented that providing an affordable transportation system for American consumers and businesses keeps the U.S. economy moving.

The projects are divided into five research areas, one of which will have a budget of $31.9M and focus on developing rechargeable systems for electric vehicles.

The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center contributed $1.8M in the effort and will participate in the development of cobalt charging technologies.

The DOE also invested $26.8M to fill information gaps in mobility services, $10.1M to drive innovations in engine power and fuel efficiency and $8.4M to develop predictive models for corrosion in multi-material joints for lightweight vehicles and materials.

Lastly, $3.4M will be used to increase the energy efficiency of off-road vehicles used in construction, agriculture and mining applications.