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PSC’s David Berteau: DoD Aims to Incorporate Security Into Contracts With ‘Deliver Uncompromised’ Initiative

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David Berteau, president of the Professional Services Council, has said one of the programs that contractors are on the lookout for in the fiscal 2019 appropriations bills is the Defense Department’s “Deliver Uncompromised” initiative, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

“The premise of Deliver Uncompromised, and some accompanying comments that DoD has made both in testimony and in public speeches, has indicated a big shift — and probably an appropriate shift — to spending more time on the security,” Berteau told Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

“Not only the security of systems, but the security of data, the security of communications, a broad array of, I would say, more than cybersecurity even,” he added.

Berteau said contract deliverables under the Defense Security Service’s Deliver Uncompromised program should be protected from cyber hacking, data contamination and inappropriate data sharing practices.

He noted that the initiative serves as a new approach to integrate security into contracts and suggests that the government has a process to measure security.