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Maxar’s Mike Gold Named Chairman of New NASA Advisory Council Panel

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Mike Gold, vice president of regulatory issues at Maxar Technologies, has been named chairman of a new committee within the NASA Advisory Council that will address policy and regulatory issues facing commercial space activities, SpaceNews reported Thursday.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine appointed Gold as chairman and announced the creation of the new panel during the advisory council’s meeting Wednesday at Ames Research Center in California.

Gold said at the council meeting the new committee will work to review outdated rules and explore commercial work aboard the International Space Station.

Gold serves as general counsel for Maxar’s Radiant Solutions subsidiary and chairman of the commercial space transportation advisory committee at the Federal Aviation Administration’s office of commercial space transportation.

He is chair of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation’s export control panel and director of the Future Space Leaders Foundation.

Prior to Maxar, he worked for more than a decade at Bigelow Aerospace.