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Margaret Weichert: White House to Prioritize Cyber, Security Clearance Reforms in Gov’t Reorganization

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Margaret Weichert

Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, said at a Senate panel hearing Wednesday the Trump administration will start its government reorganization effort with transferring authority of security clearances and standardizing cyber jobs, Nextgov reported Wednesday.

She told Senate Homeland Security Committee members the White House has begun to review skill gaps in the federal cyber workforce as part of a push to systematize job categories for that area.

The report noted the panel’s Democrat members contested that the Trump administration has not provided reasons for planning to implement a governmentwide reform, the reform noted.

Weichert explained at the meeting that the plan is in early stages and that the White House would disclose the data that led to the proposals once finalized.

White House officials developed 32 reorganization proposals, which include merging departments of the Education and Labor and establishing a public-private partnership office that would oversee customer service.

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