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House Panel’s Defense Policy Bill to Require DoD Briefing on Intell Support for Cyber Operations

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The House Armed Services Committee’s defense policy bill would direct the Defense Department to conduct a briefing on intelligence support for cyber operations by Dec. 1, Fifth Domain reported Monday.

The provision in the measure seeks to advance efforts to resource intell analysis support at the U.S. Cyber Command and cyber components within service branches and standardize a common doctrine for the battlefield’s intell preparation for cyber-related operations.

The defense undersecretary for intelligence will work with service branches and the Defense Intelligence Agency to deliver the briefing, according to the bill’s provision.

Gus Hunt, cyber strategy lead at Accenture’s federal services business, said he thinks there is no difference between cyber and other domains of warfare from an intelligence support standpoint.

“I think what you’re seeing … is that people are asking the question are we appropriately structured or resourced and focused to be as effective as we possibly can in this new realm of cyber and cyber operations,” Hunt said.

“Because they’re asking the question, I think the obvious answer is … we’re not structured as effectively as we possibly can be … [but] it’s really good that people are sitting there asking,” he added.

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