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DISA Unveils Management Process for New Service, Capability Requirements

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The Defense Information Systems Agency has recently released an information kit on how it evaluates and identifies service and capability requirements when dealing with possible partner contractors.

The Requirements and Analysis Office, which was developed for DISA in 2015, commences with the requirements management process by doing the following: business case analysis, technical exploration and validation, market research, return on investment calculations and portfolio governance, DISA said Wednesday.

“We guide you through the requirements decision-making process, from the initial requirements submission to the senior leadership decision to move forward on the requirement,” said Peter Cox, RAO’s requirement tools lead.

RAO has three branches that facilitate the operations for the requirements management process: the Requirements Analysis Branch, which identifies agency and Defense Department information technology capability shortcomings and redundancies; the Cost Analysis Branch, which identifies lifecycle cost estimates and budgets for business case analysis requirements; and the Requirements Process and Governance Branch, which streamlines and develops DISA’s requirements and governance processes.

RAO first develops a business case analysis to review specific aspects of a product request. Then it discerns how the program management offices can meet the requirements.

If the program management offices can accomplish the request, the BCA is submitted to the Services Portfolio Council for approval. After the request is approved, it will then be forwarded to the DISA executive deputy director for final approval.

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